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The Club Road Race Championship - Men's Women's & Junior/Youth 2019.

The Road Race Championship is a season-long competition. Points are awarded in any LVRC, TLI or BC sanctioned Road Race event between and including the dates 1st February and 31st October.

Points are awarded as follows:- 1st - 10pts, 2nd - 9pts, 3rd – 8pts, etc down to 10th – 1pts.

Any rider finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a Points or King of the Mountain Competition will be awarded 5, 3 and 1 points respectively.

It’s the RIDERS responsibility to inform the Club Secretary of their results

Club Road Race Championship 2018.

Position Name Points
Men's 1st Geoff Rawlinson 126pts
2nd Carl Finney 20pts
3rd Dave Roberts 18pt
4th Chris Humphries 15pts

5th= Chris Morgan 11pts
6th Colin Hodgson 2pts
7th Ben Gannon 2pts
Junior 1st

Women's 1st

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