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10th December, Manchester Track League, Division 1, Group 4, Manchester Velodrome.
20 Lap Points
Winner - John Rigby
2nd - John Rigby
64 Lap Scratch, 1/2 Way Sprint
Winner - John Rigby

3rd December, Manchester Track League, Division 1, Group 4, Manchester Velodrome.
2nd - John Rigby

26th November, Manchester Track League, Division 1, Group 4, Manchester Velodrome.
2nd - John Rigby

19th November, Manchester Track League, Division 1, Group 4, Manchester Velodrome
64 Lap Scratch, 1/2 Way Sprint
2nd - John Rigby
20 Lap Points
2nd - John Rigby

12th November, Manchester Track League, Division 1, Group 4 ,Manchester Velodrome
2nd - John Rigby

3rd October, Wever Valley Road Race, 3/4
2nd - Peter Ware

18th September, Northwest Round 1, Cat a, Preston,
Both Rob & myself made our way to Preston for the first round of the Northwest cross season, in the Northwest all cats ride together so both of us in the same race.After some warm up laps and line picking we put spare bikes and wheels in the pits and made our way to the start line because of the cat a status we were gridded somewhat stupidly based on last year’s overall and whether you were a known rider basically, we were not gridded at all so set off about 4 rows back, after a descent start I made my way through the field to get myself into the top 30, then got into a rhythm and picked off riders one by one, on a grassy and very slippery course eventually finishing in 25th position and 6th vet on the day. Rob was mixing it mid field and rode strong all day getting into a battle with another rider for a few laps, eventually freeing himself to finish strongly in 57th position, there was 108 starters on the day and at least 10-15 ahead of us were Yorkshire, national or visitors from other leagues just here for national points, so we were both happy. Deano

19th September Yorkshire Round 3, Camphill, Bedale, North Yorkshire.
We set off for Yorkshire, Round 3 at 8am for a 2 hour drive in the rain, we ride separate races here so we can pit for each other. So we signed on and got in some practice laps, the course was a good course for me having fast slippery wooded sections and slippery corners, so it was looking good for me. As for Rob it was a bit more difficult and the course was probably the other end of the spectrum with it not having big long fast straights, but we looked forward to it all the same, I set of in my race with a front row start as I was gridded here, a descent start saw me getting away with the top 6 riders, thinking they would eventually ride away from me, underestimating myself I was able to stay with them for two laps before the top 4 broke us, I was now in a man o man battle with Richard Binks who was 2nd in the last round and 4th the round before, whilst he was quick on the straights he could not stay with me threw the wooded section and I was going clear each time, he would then catch and pass me on the straights. My plan was to attack him in the woods on the last lap and ride away for 5th, as we approached the woods another rider went in and despite shouts of disapproval Binks got past and subsequently the other rider fell off in front of me giving Binks a 20 yard gap and I had lost my rolling momentum, and rode on to finish a happy 6th place and in the prizes.
Race 2 was Robs turn, the uphill narrow start and Robs non gridded position did him no favours and was settling in mid bunch, riding strong for about 5laps in a battle with a couple of others which he got the better off, then seemed to suffer for two laps allowing the riders to come back to him, but Rob being Rob got the bit between his teeth and eventually got away from them again, eventually having the only sprint finish off the day and winning it (perimeter road training) and finishing a credible 25th, well done Rob,
Next week Robs not riding but I’m on the three peaks so if anyone is interested in a day out and supporting me then that would be great, yours in the mud, Deano.

18th September, Wigan Wheelers 10' TT, Levens
Andy Tinsley - Time 0.20.56
Billy Fairclough - Time 0.23.51

12th September - Yorkshire Points CycloCross Round 2, North Allerton
Vets Race
After a reasonably good start in the top ten I continued to hold position for two laps before being caught by a group of 3 riders. This then turned into a battle for the next 5 laps, after this time I had worked out I was far quicker through the technical wooded section so I made my move ducking into the woods from the back off the group (classic cross move). Then proceeded to go like a man possessed, I made about 30 yards over the two wooded sections, which I needed to then hold onto for another lap. They thought differently and hunted me down taking it in turns to do bit and bit; once they caught me they then all jumped at the same time. I had nothing left and was relegated out of the top ten to finish a credible 12th out of 90 starters. On the upside my closest rival in the North West only finished 40 seconds up on me so all’s well for the double header next weekend with races on Saturday and Sunday.
Thanks Dean Smith

12th September, - Road Race league, Event 17, Pimbo, Regional B.
Race 2 (3/4/J)
3rd - Mike Rawson
CDNW - - Road Race League 2010, Overall League Position - Group B - Regional B.
4th - Mike Rawson

5th September - Yorkshire Points CycloCross Round 1, Keighley
Vets Race

Dean Smith opened up the Cyclo Cross Season for St. Helens CRC with a fine 13th place despite a puncture early on in the race. A fast but measured start saw Dean up into 6th place after the 1st lap, by the 3rd lap he had dropped 2 places to 8th but was still well up on other North West riders who will be challenging for the NW Vets title later this year. A front tub puncture on the 4th lap dropped Dean down to 23rd place but with a fast bike change in the pits he set off with 2 laps to make up the positions the puncture had cost him. Crossing the finish line Dean had caught 10 more riders over the final 2 laps to finish in 13th place.

Senior Race
I completed the days racing for the club with a 28th place finish in the senior. A fast opening lap saw me move up into 25th position, but the man with the hammer set to work and over the first 30 minutes of the race I started to fade along with my position in the race. With 20 minutes to go I had managed to get going again and with a group of seven riders split over 1 minute in front of me I set about picking them off one by one; I caught and passed six of riders to finish in 28th place.
I didn't know what to expect prior to the race due to lack of training and consumption of far too much Leffe and a fair bit of Duvel. So hopefully I will see some improvements in the next few weeks by upping the training, leaving the Leffe and smashing some Duvel. Until next time.
Cheers Rob Pugh - St Helens CRC CycloCross Reporter!

4th September, - Road Race league, Event 16, Bickerstaffe, Regional B
Winner - Peter Ware

4th September, Stretford Wheelers 25'TT J2/9
Billy Fairclough - Time 1.05.27

CDNW - - Road Race League 2010, Prime Points Competition - Group B - Regional B.
Winner - Peter Ware

22nd August, WCTTCA/LTTCA 12hr TT.
17th - Ste Cross - Distance 229.76

19th August, CDNW - Crits, Group B, Preston Arena.
Winner - James Barnes

5th August, - Road Race League, Event 13, Dolphinholme
Race 1 (E/1/2)
14th - John Rigby
Race 2 (3/4/J)
30th - Peter Ware
Peter Ware is currently leading the season long Primes Competition for 3rd, 4th, & juniors.

8th August, East Liverpool Wheelers 50' TT
7th - Peter Ware - Time 2.00.47

31st July, VTTA, 25'TT - J2/9
Winner - Ste Ludden - Time 0.55.03
8th - Peter Ware - Time 0.57.38

25th July, - Road Race League, Event 11, Smithfields
Race 2 (3/4/J) 2nd - Mike Rawson

24th July, Warrington RC, 25'TT - J2/9
2nd - Ste Ludden - Time 0.55.39
7th - Peter Ware - Time 0.57.12

22th July, CDNW - Crits, Group B, Preston Arena.
Winner - James Barnes

21st July, Birkenhead North End CC, 10' TT D10/19
5th - Peter Ware - 0.58.10
Billy Fairclough - Time 0.23.49 (PB)

15th July, CDNW - Crits, Group B, Preston.
3rd - James Barnes

11th July, Birkenhead North End CC, 25' TT
Billy Fairclough - Time 1.06.39

7th July, Litherland Circuit Races, 2/3/4
5th - James Barnes

4th July, Phoenix (Aintree) CC, 25' TT
Winner - Ste Ludden - Time 0.56.41
3rd - Peter Ware - Time 0.57.33
Billy Fairclough - Time 1.07.50
Team Winners - Ste Ludden, Peter Ware & Billy Fairclough - Time 3.02.04

30th June, Litherland Circuit Races, 2/3/4
6th - James Barnes

24th June, Warrington RC, 25' 4up TTT
3rd - Ste Ludden, Mike Rawson, John Rigby, Peter Ware - Time 0.53.53

22nd June, Weaver Valley, Oulton Park Race Series TLI
4th - John Rigby
20th June, Dave Lloyd Mega Sportive - 121 mile, 11,438ft elevation gain.
Ste Cross - 8 hr 53 mins for age related gold standard

16th June, WCTTCA 10' TT
10th - Peter Ware - Time 0.21.17

15th June, Weaver Valley, Oulton Park Race Series TLI
5th - James Barnes
6th - John Rigby

15th June, Prescot Eagles RC Interclub 25' TT
James Hull - Time 1.04.02

13th June, Liverpool Century RC 25'm TT
10th - Mike Rawson - Time 1.01.48

12th June, Phoenix CC (Aintree), 10'm TT
2nd - Peter Ware

6th June, - Road Race league, Event 9.
Race 1 (E1/2)
9th - John Rigby
Race 2 (3/4)
16th - Mike Rawson

5th June, Liverpool Century RC, 10'M Time Trial, D10/1
Winner, Ste Ludden - Time 0.20.59

1st June, Prescot Eagles RC Interclub 25' TT
Ste Ludden - Time 0.55.57

1st June, TLI, Cheshire Road Race Series, Race 5.
Race 1 (Under 40's)
4th - James McNally.
Race 3 (50-59)
5th - Harry McNally.

RTTC National Championship 10 (Men).
Ste Ludden - Time 0.21.05

18th May, TLI, Cheshire Road Race Series, Race 4.
Race 2 (40-49)
3rd - Jeff Freeman.
Race 3 (50-59)
7th - Harry McNally.

11th May, TLI, Cheshire Road Race Series, Race 3.
Race 2 (40-49)
4th - Jeff Freeman.

9th May, Fred Whitton Sportive - 110 mile, 12,143ft elevation gain,
Ste Cross - 7hr 40 mins for age related gold standard.

4th May, TLI, Cheshire Road Race Series, Race 2.
Race 2 (40-49)
3rd - Jeff Freeman.

27th April, TLI, Cheshire Road Race Series, Race 1.
Race 2 (40-49)
4th - Jeff Freeman.

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